I own most Expendables cast members DVD's. I don't own a single Jovovich DVD. | ManlyMovie

I own most Expendables cast members DVD’s. I don’t own a single Jovovich DVD.

Yesterday, it was announced that Milla Jovovich will probably be in The Expendables 3.  Here’s what I said some time ago about this kind of thing in a Female Expendables movie, which basically applies here too:

“Expect copious amounts of females beating the shit out of men 120lbs larger, in order to sell the idea that “Chicks can do this too”.  In fact, expect one in the opening scene.  I’ll give you another example, in Expendables II Sly and Statham are confronted by a giant in a bar.  They admit he’s going to be a tough situation, and deal with him by double-teaming using brass knux.  Don’t expect such admissions of vulnerability in the ‘Female Expendables’.  To prove a point, we’ll probably see Milla Jovovich beat the shit out of three of said giants, at once. “

I am an example of the target audience of The Expendables series.  I own most of the movies of Stallone, Statham, Arnold and the rest of the cast.  I do not own a single Milla Jovovich DVD.  I detest the Resident Evil series and find even the trailers hard to finish.  I’m not teenager.  I’m not a fan of Milla Jovovich.  I don’t want her in this movie.  Fuck kids wire-fu Paul Anderson garbage.  And so what if she was in the Fifth Element?  Big deal.  Expect Jovovich to kick all sorts of ass while Statham and Stallone watch on in surprise approval.  The best action heroines?  Officer Anne Lewis?  Lt. Ellen Ripley?  Weren’t try hards who kept their femininity.