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Fast 7 Set Video Shows Ferraris, F1 Cars And Kurt Russell

Here’s a video from the set of Fast & Furious 7 shot by Tyrese Gibson of the cast and crew celebrating Paul Walker’s birthday.  Couple of things to note.  First, nice Ferrari Spider.  Second, I doubt they’d go to the trouble of bringing in an actual F1 car unless it was going to be used in the movie.  Was new director James Wan imressed by Ron Howard’s Rush (2013)?  Finally, in this backstage ensemble video, you can see Kurt ‘I don’t do ensembles’ Russell.  But that is a rant for a separate article to be uploaded in the coming days.  Since this was shot on Walkers birthday, which was the 12th, it seems that Russell may have been there from the start, but didn’t film a significant role because he’s no longer on the set.  Another extended cameo?  Other movies *cough* Expendables get torn up for this kind of thing.  Check out the video below.

  • Anonymous

    ‘The Art of the Steel’ Which actually looks like a pretty fun caper film is obviously an ensemble cast but I really can’t figure how Kurt would do a cameo in this dismal action franchise yet pass up Expendables.

    • The first Expendables (which he turned down) was a gamble and unproven. The Fast series is a steamroller, not to mention more lucrative. Seems Russell values cash and popularity more than his own roots. IMO, a weak showing.

  • Yeah big payday for cash strapped Russell?