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Expendables 3: Lutz Calls Bulgaria His ‘New Home’ And More

Ramses here with two small Expendables 3 tidbits.  Firstly, with a small lull in shooting newcomer Kellan Lutz has been checking out Bulgaria and is enjoying the local culture.  Speaking to, Lutz has said:  “In America, I’m at home.  But because of my reputation I have no peace.  I managed to get it here though.  Bulgaria is my new home”.  Lutz also attended the opening of a new mall and was apparently easily spotted by local fans as one of The Expendables.  Pretty so-so news, Lutz will join Stallone and Co. this weekend to be treated to a performance by local dancers (not that type).

Finally, a very brief video showing the Hemus highway shooting location, in Bulgarian unfortunately.  I guess we have the studio to thank for that.  

Stay tuned.