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Bulgarian Press Targets Mel Gibson With Lies And Slander

We had a few Mel stories to run today.  He’s in Bulgaria ready to shoot Expendables 3.  I’ll get to the other one below, which regards the new picture above.  We’re usually first here in finding Expendables 3 news and the first of these two stories, I’m not going to link.  I don’t want to give this mendacious ‘article’ the oxygen that it craves.  It’s from a prominent Bulgarian website and has conveniently been posted without an authors name (most sites show the author of an article).  The article alleges that Mel landed in Bulgaria in a state of drunken, paranoid agitation and ‘shaking’ with fear of being kidnapped by terrorists. It also says he attempted to avoid fans and autographs and that he arrived with a compliment of personal bodyguards.  We know better and reported to the contrary, Mel can be clearly seen lucidly (if somewhat jet-lagged) greeting fans and saying hello.  This new article also reveals that Mel did not arrive with bodyguards, but was greeted by security after landing from a non VIP-charter flight.

I was in two minds on whether or not to link it, but instead of showing the bogus source here, I passed the link on to a Lionsgate rep.  I’m sure they’ll be interested in reading it.  There’s a word for this, slander.

The other story concerning Mel, at the Kempinski Hotel, Mel (pic above) entertained a fan.  The person happened to be George Sofkin, president of the ‘Little Europeans Organisation’. reports that Mel will meet Sofkin, formally, at the end of the month to discuss the topic of discrimination.  Mel is well versed in discrimination – his maternal grandmother was raped by the Black & Tans during the Irish War of Independence (Mel Gibson: Man on a Mission) so I’m sure he could easily share some insight.  The Little Person asked for an autograph and photo and, naturally, Mel obliged.  So, to summarize, it seems that Mel haters are far reaching and still full of bile and resentment.  

But Mel fans are far reaching too, bet on it.