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Expendables 3 Stars Set To Attend Kyokushin Tournament

The KWU Kyokushin World Championships will take place in Bulgaria this weekend, at the Armeec arena in Sofia, Bulgaria.  Set to attend, according to, will be the cast of The Expendables 3.  The source says that ‘major stars’ from the movie will attend (or at least have been invited as) VIP guests.  I think we can reasonably expect former Kyokushin European Champion and 3rd Dan Dolph Lundgren to attend.  Though they shouldn’t appear ’till later afternoon/night, because as we reported recently they’ll be shooting a big action scene most of the day.  Should any stalkers… uh, Kyokushin fans… be thinking of attending, admission is free and the address is 1, Asen Lordanov Blvd – Sofia.  The event runs all day.

One last thing, if this was Expendables 2, I think we could be certain one Jean Claude Van Damme would not only attend, but not be able to resist taking the spotlight for a demonstration, right?  Come on, Dolph and Wesley…