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Mad Max: The Video Game Update

Just like Fury Road (2015), the jury is still out on the Mad Max video game.  There’s an update on it today though.  Looks like some positive news as the developers have been speaking about the game.  It appears the game will now be fully set in Australia, where it belongs, as opposed to just hiring an Australian actor for the lead: “We are very meticulous in getting real Australian actors instead of Americans faking it”.  They’ve also talked about gameplay… “The game is very different from how the movies are structured,” he said. “And we have done some really awesome things with the music system in the game where it is very dynamic to what you do and where you are and how the music changes. How the mood fluctuates, uses music as a tool for bringing those feelings across to the player, like when you are thrown into a combat situation, it reflects that.”

Still too early to tell, this is usual P.R. talk.  One thing is for sure, it’s not connected to Fury Road (2015), which itself appears to be a standalone movie itself.  Still one to keep an eye on though, for sure.  Avalanche are no slouches…