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Updated: Jaa’s Manager Threatens Lawsuit If He Joins Fast 7

Updated:  Well, it seems that this issue has been resolved.  Yesterday, an update was posted on Facebook and Twitter accounts supposedly belonging to Jaa claiming that he was flying preparing to fly out to the US for Fast 7.  But while neither account is ‘verified’, some Thai sites are taking it as being trueIt probably is, as Diesel recently made a similar claim.  So, it looks like Tony Jaa is headed to Hollywood.  I would’ve preferred him as one of Conrad Stonebanks’ men (Expendables 3), but watch Death Sentence (2007), James Wan ain’t no action slouch…


You’ve probably heard by now that Tony Jaa has joined Fast 7.  Well scratch that, it’s actually Tony Jaa intends to join Fast 7, according to media in Bangkok recently.  Jaa’s manager says that he must first ask for permission:  “I admit that I am happy that Tony Jaa will appear in a foreign film, but he must get the foreign agency to contact me and get my consent first.”  Jaa has signed a ten year contract with the Thai studio, the biggest of that country, so he actually could find himself in some legal hot water if he takes flight, so to speak.  The ‘boss’ threatened: “If Tony Jaa doesn’t get my consent and still plays in a foreign film. he’ll definitely face a lawsuit.”

Now I realise different countries and cultures have different ways of doing things, what might seem fine in one place might be considered a showing of poor decorum in another, but this sounds like straight bullshit.  Like sour grapes and/or jealousy.  Almost like a B-Movie kick-em-up plot, ironically.  ManlyMovie’s advice to Tony Jaa would be to buy that plane ticket and never look back.  He has already learned English…

Fuck ’em!