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Twitter Reaction: People Love Escape Plan (2013)

Escape Plan has been released in certain areas, some get it earlier than others.  Like the Philippines.  It is getting an overwhelmingly positive reaction on the Twittersphere.  We’ll let the reactions speak for themselves.

@feerafeerot94 – ‘Escape Plan’ ng layannnnn! Rate 10/10 I give

@wuwuwuzedy – #Escapeplan. totally worth to watch.

@naufaaaaaaal – Escape Plan was awesome!

@muhdkhairulnidz – Good screenplay and action. I’m quite astonished how comes the idea to jailbreak from world’s toughest prison, maximum security #EscapePlan

@ilmanhamizan – Escape Plan Awesome movie  :)

@salimsafie – I tell you what. Escape Plan was freakin AWESOME! 4.9/5! say “cheese!”

@szejieh – Anyone love to watch’ Prison Break’?’Escape Plan’ is a must for ‘prison break’ fans. It was a nice movie^_^Don’t miss it!!!

@huzairy_zairy – Seriously…#escapeplan is really2 awesome…”say cheese”!

@faeezizdihar – Escape plan, I give that a 5

@narddia – Must Watch!! #escapeplan #4star 

@camyliaaa – escape plan #musthingych

@dennisyin – Escape Plan starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger is pretty good Went in with doubts, came out laughing. Pretty good =)

@marorol – Escape Plan was awesome!

@aldreensiddiq – Escape plan awesome movie!

@nallen_qqhar – 5 stars for escape plan…nang layan…

@tacariduan – Escape Plan terbaik ! You guys should watch the movie !

@amir_sobri – 5 star for escape plan

‏@ridzwan_Omar – Best movie escape plan 4.5/5

@m_Cafiq – Escape Plan = 4.5/5.

@toneemhikel – ESCAPE PLAN – highly recommended!!!

@didyleonhart – Escape Plan dabombbbb! Totally wort it!

@cuwnataib – Great movie ‘escape plan’!!

@zahindiberinama – Escape plan the best .

@suhanamaza – Escape plan a must watch movie. Goodnight.

@asyraf_Alvez – Done with #EscapePlan !! Worth watching !! Awesome storyline and unexpected twist.

@khairilaffandy – “Escape Plan” is just awesome guys. Must watch