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Chris Pine Talks Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin & Jack Ryan

Chris Pine is the latest Jack Ryan, having replaced Eric Bana in the casting process. He’ll take up the duty in January 2014.  It’ll be a reboot of the franchise and the first non-Clancy original story.  In the meantime he has been discussing the role with Empire Magazine, past and present. “I love the spy genre and that is the truth. I love the fact that in The Hunt for Red October, in order to prevent a nuclear catastrophe, it was one man having to decode the mind of another.  Alec was so quick and incisive”  Pine then talks about Ford’s turn, from a time when he wasn’t phoning it in with relentless crap: “What Harrison did with it I love so much.  He had an inherent humility.  He is a man more comfortable teaching, more comfortable in his books.”

On Ryan vs Kirk, Pine says he prefers the former.  Although it’s safe to say that, now that Star Trek has been re-established and Ryan a less safe bet: “I came to it with a great deal of love for the character way more than I had for Kirk.”

Check out the trailer for Shadow Recruit below.