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Evans Gives Raid 2: Berandal Plot Details

We’ve recently seen the trailer, finally (below) for The Raid 2: Berandal.  It was kind of short on plot points though.  Director Gareth Evans has taken the time to clear some of that up. “The idea is that Iko’s character goes undercover in this one and there are shades of The Departed and Infernal Affairs in there,” says Evans. “The prison section is the opening of the film, setting up his mission and that’s going undercover in order to infiltrate a mob family to uncover corruption in the police force.”  Evans says that the choreography style and fighting has also remained the same, which is good to hear – sometimes directors get ahead of themselves and try to outdo a previous classic by ‘experimenting’.

Will the story be superior?  Evans says: “I wrote Berandal before The Raid even existed.”  Sounds like they’re really unleashing Evans this time and letting him do what he’d always wanted.  ManlyMovie can’t wait to see what this director does with chase sequences – which he has included.  To see what the fuss was all about over the first movie, check out our review of it here, it was actually one of the first reviews here and an inspiration for starting this website.

Trailer for The Raid 2: Berandal: