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Kellen Lutz Talks Working With Schwarzenegger And Gibson

Expendables 3 star Kellen Lutz has been talking working with Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson and the movie in general.  On Mel the ‘young Expendable’ says that he considers him a ‘genius’ and that: “I had a scene with him and he is just the genius to work with. I’ve been a huge fan of him. For Hercules, I watched Braveheart every single day on set because he had some of the most epic battle scenes and battle yells so it was fun talking to him about that.”  If he’s trying to win favor with this difficult fan base, he’s going the right way about it – by praising our God.

Lutz also reveals that Arnie will say an infamous line: “We were all in a helicopter with everyone piled in and I thought, ‘When will this happen again?’ And Arnold had his tag line, ‘Get to the chopper!’ Everyone loved being there, everyone was so much fun to work with.”  I was kinda hoping the self-referencing shit would be left out of this movie, but whatever.  The full article can be read here.

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