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New Round Of Sabotage (2014) Pics For Your Eyeballs!

Courtesy of Open Road we have a new round of pictures from Schwarzenegger action/thriller Sabotage (2014).  I’m still on the fence about this movie, on paper, it looks like it could be mediocre.  However I feel Ayer is a better director than he is a writer.  Every project he has directed so far has varied from ‘not bad’ to ‘great’ (Harsh Times, Street Kings, End of Watch), with Street Kings in particular being effective.  So, it could go either way.

In case you missed it, why not check out what we thought of the screenplay for this movie.  Speaking of David Ayer screenplays, we have a copy of his Fury (2014) screenplay, the WW2 movie featuring Brad Pitt as a tank commander going on a mission behind enemy lines.  A review will be posted soon.  For now, check out the latest Sabotage pictures: