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Van Damme Wants To Be In Terminator 5

We know that Terminator 5 is on the horizon, rumored to be called Terminator: Genesis.  We also know that it’s going to be shit.  No, not the shit… shit.  Although Jim Cameron’s use of the word ‘piss’ to describe where the Terminator franchise went to without his direction is also suitable.  Good man, Jim!

Anyway… despite the poor outlook for that movie, one man wants in – Jean Claude Van Damme.  He took to his Facebook to tell his 5.7 million followers that, yes, the petition to get him cast in the next Terminator movie was a good idea and had his backing: “Answering your questions, I would definitely like to join the Terminator franchise with Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger.”  As if keen to emphasize the point, Van Damme again came back with…  “I would love to!  Let’s see if the studio is interested.  Thank you.”  Well, take ManlyMovie’s word on this one.  Not. Gonna. Happen.  Petition or no.  The studio are in reboot territory with younger faces wanted.  Van Damme isn’t who he used to be.

Still.  Sound off, sign that petition.