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18 Months Later, Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) Has Wrapped

Filming on Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) is in the can.  Filming began in July 2012 and was shut down in December 17 2012 by a Warner Bros Executive.  Having lost the faith of the studio George Miller managed to have a rough cut assembled, which apparently blew the pants off the studio (not PR talk, as no-one has officially said this), winning Miller an additional two weeks of shooting back in Australia to finish the movie.

The PG-13 rumors have ManlyMovie stifled, but one thing that’s hard to escape is the fact that anyone who has seen or seen at least part of this movie can’t help but sing its praises.  Take action photographer (one of those people who take official stills) Jasin Boland. Speaking with he was asked what his favorite action movie ever was, having been on the set of many, his response was: “I think it’s going to be next year’s Mad Max Fury Road. Trust me, you have never seen anything quite like it.”  Provocative, because this is George Miller.  It’s just this goddamned PG bullshit…