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A Look At Tom Hardy As Mad Max

Here’s an official still of Tom Hardy as Mad Max from Fury Road (2015).  Some interesting things to note about this picture.  Mainly the similarities between his appearance/outfit and the appearance of Mel’s ‘Max’.  Hardy has the signature streak of grey hair going up the side of his head, the single shoulder pad on the right shoulder and what appears to be a leg brace – on the left leg where it should be. 

Seems like they wouldn’t be so ‘accurate’ if it was a straight up reboot.  Were Total Film correct when they said that this movie is set between the first and second movies?  There’s another similarity, in the actual V8 Interceptor.  Check out the pictures below.  The one used in Fury Road (on display) has the front bottom bumper missing/smashed off.  Then (bottom) when the car appears in The Road Warrior, the bumper is also missing.  Anyway, who knows…