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Another Terminator TV Series Coming

I know now why you cry.  Pain causes it. Pain of another bullshit Terminator cash in. Now you can add another TV series to the mix.  That’s what is saying anyway.  “Skydance Prods. and Annapurna Pictures – the shingles behind Paramount’s Terminator 2015 reboot – have teamed to develop a fresh TV series”.  Interesting.  Does that mean that it’s tied to the new movie?  One thing is for sure, it can’t be much worse than the Sarah Connor Chronicles.  I’m also sure that it won’t be better, it’ll just be a different shade of fresh shit.

They say that the show is to “follow a critical moment from the first Terminator film – where the film’s story goes one way, the upcoming television show will take that moment in a completely different direction.”  Yeah, whatever.  They’re just milking the rights here, big name, big profits.  Whatever this ‘different direction’ means, you can be sure it won’t take place in 1984, when the first movie takes place, because constant 1980’s backdrops aren’t as cheap to film.  The modus operandi here is to create a TV show with minimum expenditure and reap maximum profits, using the name to draw in viewers.  They probably don’t even plan to get more than one season out of it.  A simple media scam.

So… anyone care to speculate where they’re going with this in any case?  Our interest is there… in a car-wreck type of way.  Our bet?  The Terminator kills Sarah Connor during the first 24 hours, removing the resistance leader she gives birth to, but also interrupting the paradox of Connor inadvertently giving SKYNET the original T-800 chip at the factory.  Thus a new leader and timeline occurs.  Or something like that, anyway.