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Charlize Theron Sought For The Expendabelles

If the rumored April start date is anything to go by, we probably should’ve been hearing more about this ‘Expendabelles’ movie (still not convinced it’ll actually be called that, that was a monicker another site made up that has stuck).  Well, a timely update in the story that Charlize Theron is being sought to join that cast.  Other names rumored are Milla Jovovich and Meryl Streep, and when you think about it like that, one good thing about this project is that it’ll keep the likes of Jovovich out of the main Expendables movies.

Like we reported a while back, The Expendabelles will see a group of female mercenaries take a job in Brunei, South-East Asia.  It will shoot in Bulgaria, possibly in April 2014.  We also postulated that Lerner might attempt to bolster the movie by linking it with the main Expendables movies, possibly bringing in Willis for a cameo to give them their assignment as Church?  If this isn’t enough, don’t forget there are already plans for The Expendables 4, which could also shoot (late) 2014.

Stay tuned…