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Confirmed: Emilia Clarke Is The New Sarah Connor

I’d like to preface this news by taking the opportunity to shit on Game of Thrones, where Emilia Clarke and Terminator: Genesis director Alan Taylor made names for themselves.  What an overrated mess of a TV show.  Watching it is like chewing on tough, undercooked meat.  It’s home to some of the most dense exposition ever, even its fans complain that they have to consult Wikipedia while watching it.  You would never have caught David Chase, director of the greatest TV show of all time (The Sopranos) being guilty of that.

Anyway, Clarke is the new Sarah Connor and since the movie will feature a grown John Connor, the movie will take place in both the present and the future – considering Emilia Clarke isn’t an old woman.  It’s also interesting that Deadline say that Schwarzenegger’s role will again be as The Terminator.  How?  The man is pushing 70 and all T-800’s technically must appear to be in their 30’s.

Unless of course they use that state of the art Avatar technology… it’s possible.