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Fast & Furious 7 Delayed Until April 10th 2015

After the death of Paul Walker an inevitable delay has hit Fast & Furious 7.  If you have been keeping up with Vin Diesel’s Facebook you’ll notice a new release date has been revealed, which is now April 10th 2015.  So then it seems that Chris Morgan and the producers couldn’t get around to an agreement since rumors suggested if Morgan was quick enough filming would resume next month.

Fast 7 is going to score big at the box office.  Big cast, Statham vs The Rock, a new director who is going to appease fans of the older movies by promising more realistic car action, stars from India with its billion populace, notoriety in Walker’s death and now and April release date.  Remember that that is the date Fast Five hit and it did big box office numbers by itself.  It seems 2015 is a year of severe storm warning, big movies.  Check out Diesel’s update…