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First Still From The Equalizer Remake

Check out the first still from The Equalizer, a big screen adaption of the 1980s TV series.  Obviously, it’s going to star Denzel Washington.  Washington will play ex-covert agent Robert McCall who offers his services in order to atone for past indiscretions.  This will probably one to check out, assuming they do it properly.  Please, no Greengrass Bourne ripping off where the camera shakes for scenes where people are even sitting still having a conversation.

Astute fans of Manly Movies may remember that Jason Statham was originally pegged for this role in the mid-to-late 2000s.  I do remember a newspaper feature promoting his upcoming role with the tag:  ‘Need Help?  Odds Against You? Then Call The Equalizer’.  Allegedly, Statham left due to contractual commitments.  I think I would’ve preferred Statham in the role, even if it would’ve been a more action-based turn…