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Harrison Ford ‘Shadow Recruit’ Cameo Will Not Happen

There were some rumors earlier in the year that Harrison Ford might cameo in the upcoming Jack Ryan reboot (Shadow Recruit), starring Chris Pine.  The idea was to have him show up and do one of those ‘ironic’ run-ins with the new Ryan.  Thankfully that’s not going to happen.  Total Film Magazine January print edition debunks the rumor;  “Though producers toyed with the idea of Ford playing another character, they decided it would be too distracting from the efforts at hand, trying to launch a new Jack Ryan series for a new generation.”

Which is good to hear.  Not only would it be stupid to have two Jack Ryan’s appear on screen, it would be downright cheesy and have a negative effect on what is otherwise attempting to be a serious re-jig.  It is by the way an origin story and for the first time not an adaption of any of Clancy’s Ryan novels. 

Shadow Recruit will be released on January 17th.  Check out the trailer below once more.