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Jason Clarke In Talks To Play John Connor

Looks like “Zero Dark Thirty” star Jason Clarke is a hot favourite to appear as John Connor in the new Terminator movie (Terminator: Genesis).  Does anyone even care anymore?  Well, it’s Terminator so it should be updated on.  I’m neither here nor there on Clarke, if you ask me he lacks intensity required. Certainly wasn’t on’s picks for the role.  Supposedly Emilia Clarke and Brie Larson are in the running to play Sarah Connor.

So that must mean Terminator: Genesis will span both present and future, since these girls are… y’know, younger than Jason Clarke.  This isn’t going to work, guys.  I mean, how can it?  The story arc is a mess.  If they ignore the horrible sequels, then maybe that’s progress.  Slim chance of that happening though.