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Kellen Lutz: I Was Too Tall For The Expendables 3 Cast

Kellen Lutz has been talking The Expendables 3 again.  And you know what, since Lutz is a self-confessed Gibson-ite, I think we’ll give him the time of day.  We all know some big action stars are guilty of wearing elevator shoes/lifts, it’s not just Vin Diesel, Sly has done it too.  So they probably aren’t as tall in person as  Lutz is tall though.  “You’re working with all these guys, all these iconic legends and I’m taller than most of them,” Lutz said. “So I’m trying to slouch in pictures, trying to honor them and not stand out. Even Sly’s like [in Stallone voice], ‘Stop working out.’ I’m like, ‘Yes, sir!’ I’m skinny now because of Expendables. I didn’t want anyone to get mad at me.”  I think you can scratch Dolph off that list though.

Lutz also says there was a good atmosphere on the set, which I don’t doubt for a minute. “All the guys are super cool and just legendary to work with. There were no Type A personalities on board. Everyone was just there to make a great movie.”  Pretty much confirms what the head of security detail said in this interview (which you should really check out, best EX3 interview so far).

Speaking of Lutz, Summit has released another trailer for Hercules: The Legend Begins, which Lutz will head.  It’s directed by Die Hard 2: Die Harder and Cliffhanger director Renny Harlin, who looks to be going after the ‘Gladiator’ vibe.  Check it out below.