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Mad Max: Fury Road Update, Set Footage, Pics + More

Got a few updates on this movie this weekend.  Top right is a picture of Immortan Joe, played by Hugh Keays-Byrne.  Immortant Joe is a primary or at least significant villain in the movie.  While he may look dead in the above picture, that doesn’t appear to be the case.  Check out the photo below where Joe’s lower face is covered with some type of mask/prosthetic.  Some people are speculating that this could actually be The Toecutter sporting injuries sustained from the original movie.  But come on, go and check out his death scene again.  That’s exactly what it is, a death scene.  Besides, Immortan Joe is, supposedly, a former military leader – probably from the Australian Armed Forces. We know this because his costume is laden with decorations.  It wouldn’t be the first time Miller has used one actor as different characters within one continuity.  The Gyro Captain… remember him?

Now as far as story is concerned, this movie will be set before Mad Max 2.  I say set before Mad Max 2 and not ‘after Mad Max 1’ because it takes place just before The Road Warrior, so it’s closer to that movie than the original.  Max shoulders the blame for the deaths of certain people, rightly or wrongly, which seemingly leads to his loner persona (worse than the events of Mad Max 1) and reluctance to engage a community in The Road Warrior.  Below is some on set footage from the movie, plus a closer look at Immortan Joe.  Ignore the news reporter who claims the movie had a poor test screening.