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Manly Man Dolph Lundgren Shits On Avatar (2009)

Can’t say I was really a fan of Avatar (2009), even though it was an impressive technical feat and is still the best 3D movie in existence, or at least from what I’ve seen – I felt it was a waste of a superbly talented director’s skills.  Seems another man who agrees is Dolph Lundgren, who had reportedly has little patience for CGI bullshit.  He was speaking to Total Film this month in an exclusive interview for their hard copy magazine.  You can read the full thing, including what he was to say about ‘Avatar’ below.

TF: What’s the first movie you ever saw?

DL: I don’t really remember it well, but I think it must’ve been Bicycle Thieves.  I was maybe, six or seven at the time, but I just remember crying when I saw it.  I don’t think I’ve seen it since, but I’ve seen pieces of it since, and it always brings back this really strong early memory.  I don’t even know the story – there was a son and a father, but I just remember being really upset!

TF:  What movie do you hate that everyone else loves?

DL: The one film I wasn’t crazy about was Avatar.  Those people… those green people or whatever they were… Maybe there was just too much CGI.  My daughters love it, but it wasn’t for me.  Then again, I love Working Girl and no one understands why!  I saw it when I first came to New York and I think I related to the story about this person trying to make it.  And the hair…

TF:  What movie always makes you cry?

DL:  Spartacus.  It’s the love story between Jean Simmonds and Kirk Douglas – the way Kubrick filmed it with very little dialogue.  They can’t see each other, they can’t touch each other. and then he ends up on the cross. She’s begging him not to die – but he’s stronger than everyone else, and his son sees it.  You realise that his dream of freedom is all for his son.  It’s an amazing moment.

TF:  Which movie scares you the most?

DL:  I’m not really into horror movies, but I’ll always remember seeing The Exorcist for the first time.  I watched it again recently on TV and it’s still pretty scary.  There’s something about it… the tone, the atmosphere.  Those ’70s movies had very little censorship so they could be edgier.  Now it’s all about effects and technical stuff, but in those days it was all about performance.

TF:  Which one movie do you think you should have starred in?

DL:  Zoolander.  I was a model!  I’m considered the dumb blonde, it’s perfect!  Stewart Granger did a movie called Scaramouche, that was pretty good.  The story was great – his brother gets killed by this marquis and then he realises that he was adopted and he’s in love with his sister.  Granger was a big guy and I always thought it would be fun to be in that movie.

TF:  Which remake would you like to see get made?

DL:  Masters of the Universe.  I haven’t heard much about it, but I was reading that Channing Tatum might be in it.  Poor guy!  It was the coldest I’ve ever been!  I was standing on a flying disc on the back of a truck in the middle of winter in nothing but a diaper.