ManlyMovie Facebook Overhaul + Some Upgrades | ManlyMovie

ManlyMovie Facebook Overhaul + Some Upgrades sitrep…Since this site was set up in the summer we’ve had Facebook rolling but didn’t pay it enough due or attention. From here on out the ManlyMovie Facebook page will be updated more thoroughly thanks to JakodaRay taking over admin duties there.  Ray has a great mind for this sub genre of movies and is much more social network savvy than I am.  It’ll pretty much be its own animal, I’ll be following it out of my own personal interest, I encourage anyone who has had enough of shitty girlie-man movie hegemony to do the same.

So, while we don’t like sites that constantly bombard people with intrusive Facebook pop-ups or plying readers to follow, this is our de-facto launch and today we encourage you to follow us on Facebook here.  Elsewhere, I’ll be adding some upgrades to this site itself this weekend.  If it behaves weirdly, this is the reason.