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Michael Jai White Joins Lundgren’s ‘Skin Trade’

Let’s be honest here, apart from The Expendables movies, Dolph Lundgren’s recent movies have been piles of shit.  They really are down there in the gutter with Seagalism.  Lundgren though has had something in the pipeline for a long time now to try and break the negative streak, a movie called Skin Trade.  It’s something that Lundgren has nurtured and co-wrote (with John Hyams), doing things the long and proper way to make sure the movie has good foundations.  The movie is about an NYC detective (Lundgren) whose wife is killed by a sex-trafficking Serbian crime lord.  Lundgren heads to Bangkok for revenge and to bring him down, where he teams up with a Thai detective (Tony Jaa).

Incidentally, it was Jaa who just revealed via his FaceBook that Michael Jai White has joined the movie.  Good addition.  I’m still not 100% confident about this movie, to speak honestly.  But we’ll see.  Check out Tony’s update: