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Schwarzenegger Drops Out Of Toxic Avenger Remake

When Arnold retired from that fucking tie business, it seemed like he was attached to every movie imaginable, from Predator 4 to… The Toxic Avenger.  Bad idea, I thought, especially since The Last Stand was kind of spinning its wheels (financially).  It just seems like an unsafe bet, which isn’t what Arnie needs right now.  I don’t even find the original laughable and even though this would be a reboot… stigma.  Not needed.

Good news though, Arnie has cut the cord on this one.

Lloyd Kaufman has told that Arnold is no longer involved:  “He unsigned. He signed and apparently unsigned. I’m not sure what went down, I’m not really privi’ed, but yes, it was announced in every newspaper, there are photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger holding up a poster of The Toxic Avenger. From what I understood, he got a better deal and had his fingers crossed.”  Wise move.  Lets take note from the master, Sylvester Stallone.  During his comeback, he played to his strengths – Rocky, then Rambo.  When he brought out the big guns, then he experimented.

Arnold needs to fire off a (good) Terminator, Conan or Predator ASAP.  It should be his first priority.