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Should The Fast & Furious Series Continue Without Paul Walker?

He wasn’t a great Manly Movie favourite, but it’s still shit to report that Paul Walker, star of Fast & Furious 7, is dead at age 40.  The Porsche he was travelling in struck a lamp post.  RIP Paul Walker.  Walker was the passenger, reports the driver was speeding. Walker made a career out of vehicular mayhem in movies like Joyride, The Fast & The Furious all the way up to Vehicle 19.

Obviously Paul was filming Fast & Furious 7, but the crash had nothing to do with that.  He was on his way to a charity gig.  Walker was an integral part of the ‘Fast’ series.  He recently revealed that there were going to be at least two more movies.  The question now is… is that appropriate?  Walker was not only there from day one, he was actually the first to appear at the beginning of The Fast & The Furious when he was pissed at his Mitsubishi Eclipse topping out at 140mph.  As the first reply to his official Facebook statement said, the Fast series will not be the same without him.

Either way it’s obvious it will go ahead.  Too big a money spinner.  Way too big.  I’m sure they’ll have some type of shitty montage in the next movie referencing a fictional departure.  If I see Diesel giving some soppy speech as Torreto… I think I’m done.  I don’t want to see Diesel try and use this as something to make his character look even more righteous.  If they must go that way, I think they should just say he was killed putting his foot down.  I’d say that this would be the appropriate fictional way for his character to leave the series.

Remember the line from the first movie:  “You got a heavy foot, O’Connor, you’ll blow yourself to pieces”.