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The Expendables 3 Teaser Trailer – Possible CGI Actors?

The Expendables 3 teaser arrived this week.  It was shot for purpose, as in not an actual scene from the movie.  The actors were simply lined up in a warehouse for a one-off shoot.  This info came from DolphUltimate administrator and Lundgren associate ‘Jox’ at Stallone’s official forums, Jox was present when it was shot.  A lot of people noticed that this teaser was almost too cramped, with each actor appearing very small and slightly blurred even.  Dolph’s friend Jox has shed some light on why this might be.

It seems that not all actors who appeared in this segment were actually present, when most were there to stand in.  Jox has said that Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Antonio Banderas and Terry Crews were not present and either shot their stand-in separately or were actually ‘CGI’ed’ in.  I think he could be onto something with his CGI hypothesis.  It would explain why each actor has deliberately been ‘shrunk’ – and not just to fit them all in.  A lot of them do look… abnormal.  Personally, I would’ve preferred the teaser to make a bigger deal about the ‘big guns’, such as Mel and Ford.

So while this is another way of doing it, it’s not the best presentation.  Mel Gibson should never be a side thought in a movie like this, even in a teaser.  It’s also unfitting that Arnold Schwarzenegger himself be crammed away back there with Ronda Rousey.  It looks like a line up of figurines.  I hope that Avi Lerner is not doing his old routine of cutting corners again.

Here’s the teaser again.