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Update On Sniper 5 (2014), Set In War Torn Syria

A while back ManlyMovie exclusively reported that Sniper 5 had began filming completely under the radar in Bulgaria, with Tom Berenger returning as Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Beckett.  It was unexpected and practically unknown until cameras were already rolling.  The original movie was quite good, you should really check it out if you’ve missed it over the years.  It had three sequels, they weren’t great (all DTV), but they weren’t horrible either.  Mostly because of Tom Berenger, a supremely Manly actor. 

Today, another exclusive update on Sniper 5 (2014).  The movie will be directed by Don Michael Paul, whose most famous movie was probably Half Past Dead (2002) with Steven Seagal.  It’s not attributed to him anywhere online, for example his IMDb slate, but it’s his job.  Details on the plot are slim, but it’s described as a ‘Military Action Movie’ which is set in war torn Syria.  Parts of the movie will also be set in Berlin and the mediterranean island of Santorini.  The movie is being shot in Bulgaria and has, supposedly, an unusual amount of protection from media, for whatever reason.  The crew for the movie is around 120 workers.

Some pictures from the ‘Syrian’ set…