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(VIDEO) Grudge Match (2013) Clip – Grudgement Day

Just a small update on Grudge Match (2013) here, that has been sent out.  With the movie out in just a few days, here’s one last video promotional clip from the movie.  Once again, this is a movie about Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro, two pensioner former boxers re-igniting a decades old feud to settle things in the ring.  It appears that Stallone has probably, at last, nailed comedy late in his career.  We all know that he’s had some… misfires, in the past with this genre.

Good year for Stallone, his third theatrical movie in one year.  Another career first for him, not even in the mid 1980s was he putting out that many.  What’s more, all three look to be great.  Check out the video below.