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(VIDEO) Mark Wahlberg Talks Lone Survivor (2014)

Mark Wahlberg has been talking about his upcoming role in Lone Survivor (2014).  The movie is about the real life attempt of a SEAL unit to capture a Taliban leader in 2005 that failed when the Taliban ambushed both the team as they approached and destroyed the QRF chopper sent after them.  Three of the four were killed, Wahlberg will play the ‘Lone Survivor’.  Wahlberg basically says that even portraying ain’t no joke and says that actors have it easy, when you think about it.  He’s probably talking about Tom Cruise’s comments about making movies being akin to going to war, something he previously attacked cruise over.  But in fairness to the midget, I think his comments were taken out of context.

This movie could go either way.  One the one hand it’s great material.  On the other, the director is Peter Berg.  One word:  Battleship (2012).  I’m willing to give it a chance though.  Lone Survivor is released January 10th, Eric Bana will play a supporting role.  Video below.

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