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(VIDEO) Trailers For Tokarev, Seagal: Lawman & The Americans

Three new trailers of interest here.  First, a teaser for season two of The Americans, which ManlyMovie deemed to be the best TV show of 2013.  What we liked about season one was not only the fact that it was set in the early 1980’s (we like the ’80s, see) but it was some good old fashioned spy-craft.  We were sick of satellites, Al-Qaeda and GPS intrigue in modern shows, and The Americans brought back good old fashioned wigs, clandestine meetings and Soviet Moles.  Premiere is in February.

Second, a trailer for Nicolas Cage’s latest movie, Tokarev (2014).  In Tokarev, Cage ambushes a convoy of dirty money from the Russian mob, earning he and associates a pay day bigger than their wildest dreams.  Thus, the mob makes it personal.  It also stars Danny Glover, always good to see Lt. Harrigan in a movie, I don’t care what it is. 
And last, but certainly not least… the highly anticipated third season of Steven Seagal: Lawman.  It’s billed as the ‘lost’ season with that episode.  There was nothing ‘lost’ about it, it was in fact legally banned from airing while an investigation took place over a cockfighting raid that took place where Seagal wrongly raided a mans house.  The man, called Jesus, had his house attacked by Seagal in a tank because he believed an illegal cockfighting ring was taking place there.  In fact it was only a chicken farm and dozens of chickens and one puppy were massacred.  Jesus sued for $100,000.  If only I was making this up – this season should prove to be true hilarity.