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(VIDEO) Vin Diesel Thanks Paul Walker’s Fans At Crash Site

While fans have been paying tributes at the crash site of Paul Walker’s death, only last night did most of the cast pay tribute with each other inside a closed-off white tent (probably used by police).  Vin Diesel was there to greet fans (video below).  I’m sure Diesel was genuinely upset as he and Walker were probably the closest among the cast, having been known real life friends, even inviting each other to the births of their children.

It’s still unclear what’ll happen with shooting.  Only 50% is in the can.  Rewrites are happening right now.  The release date hasn’t changed and filming in still scheduled for Abu Dhabi next month, where Walker was also supposed to be present.  Sequels are still a certainty, Fast 7 will destroy the box office next year.