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All Is Not Well For Female Expendables Spin Off?

It seems that some actors and actresses sought for Expendables spin-off ‘The ExpendaBelles’ have abandoned ship.  Rebel Wilson, supposedly a ‘plus-sized ExpendaBelle’ is no longer attached to the project and is instead headed to star in ‘Night at the Museum 3’.  Ben Kingsley is also no longer attached although supposedly, he never was according to

So why is such a Manly site talking about The ExpendaBelles?  Well, it is a spin-off of the main series so I’m kind of anticipating some type of link to the main series to give it some buoyancy and exposure.  Possibly in the form of a cameo from the likes of Church?  Like we reported a while back, The Expendabelles will see a group of female mercenaries take a job in Brunei, South-East Asia.  It will shoot in Bulgaria, but the April start date originally planned looks less likely.

Ben Kingsley as it happens was originally sought by Stallone way back in 2008 for a role in the first movie.  Now that he has turned this one down as well, where his character would’ve been ‘The Sultan’… up next to be sought for that role is Alan Rickman.  Which is odd… why wouldn’t they have gone for him for Expendables 3?  If they did, and he turned it down, hardly likely he’ll say yes to this.