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Creed Films Next Month With Stallone Returning As Rocky

Time for an update on boxing drama ‘Creed’, which will be a successor rather than a sequel to the Rocky series and previous Rocky movie.  It’ll follow the career of Apollo Creed’s son, who is going to be played by Michael B. Jordan.  Who incidentally looks a lot like Carl Weathers.  Stallone revealed to that the movie will shoot next month, directed by Ryan Coogler.

Stallone again was insistent that it’s not a Rocky movie, even though he’ll appear again as Rocky Balboa: “I’ll take part in Creed but it really is a completely different film”.  He’s probably there to act as mentor.  Personally I’m neither here nor there, I really am done with Rocky, which is what people will take this movie as despite Stallone’s attempts to downplay it as.

No Carl Weathers though, not only is his character dead but the guy thinks he deserves large amounts of money to use his likeness, something Stallone wasn’t ready to agree to in Rocky Balboa.