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Fast 7 Writer Talks Lucas Black + Tony Jaa

Lucas Black hasn’t appeared in a Fast & Furious movie since the third outing in 2006.  That was basically down to Justin Lin insisting that Sung Kang return for each movie over and over effectively making Tokyo Drift a sequel.  This conundrum changed as of last year when Tokyo Drift was officially made ‘history’, the next movie in the chronology will be Fast 7.  That means Lucas Black’s Sean Boswell can and will return and writer Chris Morgan is happy when he revealed — “I was there that night when we were shooting some of that stuff. It felt awesome. It felt great. To see him again, to me it was a really nice circle of a journey to start something and then to be able to come back to it in a meaningful, good way.”  What’s interesting though is that Boswell is supposed to be a teen… let’s see how they work that one out.

Chris Morgan has also been talking Tony Jaa and hyped a fight scene involving the martial artist — “Tony Jaa, I’ll tell you this, there’s a fight in this movie that is so good, so incredible, I know everything that’s going to happen in the movie and I’m watching it and I am sitting on the edge of my seat because I cannot believe it. Audiences are going to love it.”  I don’t doubt it especially since we have a new director on the ‘Fast’ train.  Exciting stuff.