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First Cut Of Expendables 3 Is Four Hours Long

For those worrying about The Expendables 3 being slightly ‘short’ in run time, some hope might be on the horizon.  Stallone has been talking to Empire Magazine and has mentioned that four hours of footage are in the can, or to be more accurate, the first cut is four hours long.  “As for Expendables 3, we got some young blood as the director, a very good Australian director called Patrick Hughes. So it’s back in L.A.. being edited. The first cut is four hours long. I told them, ‘Don’t touch a frame!’ (Laughs)”  That’s what we like to hear.

I think the chances of this being a 2 hour+ movie are growing.  Mainly because as a fan base, one of our biggest criticisms has always been the run time of the first two movies.  Also keep note that the screenplay that ManlyMovie has for this movie runs at 130 pages.  Often one screenplay page translates to one minute of screen time   Now that’s not a guarantee or anything, but it does build evidence for the case of a longer movie.