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First Shots From 24; Live Another Day

Production for 24: Live Another day is underway in London in the UK. The first shots from the show are now online and we have them here for you to check out today.  

The feature will premiere on May 5th this year, a two hour event that’ll air at  (8:00-10:00PM  ET/PT

Keifer Sutherland will once again return as Jack Bauer attempts to unravel a terrorist attack of devastating proportions that will change the international landscape.  The show will once again use a real-time narrative and is set eight years after the last episode.  It’ll be presented across 12 episodes.  One cool addition to the cast is Michael Wincott, who starred in Alien: Resurrection and as the bad guy opposite Eddie Murphy in Metro.  That is one cool cat – he’ll be playing a high profile hacker.

Check out the pics below.