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Jai Courtney Testing For Kyle Reese Role On Monday

Terminator: Genesis is in the pipeline.  It’s going to shoot sometime this year, probably in the summer.  With Emilia Clarke cast as Sarah Connor, Jason Clarke rumored as John Connor and Arnold Schwarzenegger cast as ‘The Terminator’, one key role left open is the casting of Kyle Reese.  Although I’m not sure anyone cares anymore about this movie and franchise, it’s probably worth updating on anyway. reports that alongside Boyd Cocquerel, Wilson Bethel and Sam Reid… A Good Day To Die Hard (2013) star Jai Courtney will audition for the role of Kyle Reese on Monday.  He’ll probably get it, to be honest.  Not that it matters, this franchise is essentially bagged and tagged.  Worse, the people responsible for that hideous looking Rambo game have also won the rights to develop the next Terminator games.  

So all in all, pretty bad time to be a Terminator fan.