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Jason Statham + Wesley Snipes Expendables 3 Rivalry

This article will feature a small spoiler of sorts for The Expendables 3.  Don’t wanna be spoiled, move on.

Anyway, some photos appeared last night on a French Facebook page from The Expendables 3, you can check them out here.  Among them was a photo of a stare down between Jason Statham and Wesley Snipes.  Some people have been wondering what exactly is going on here and even wondering if the two are going to fight.  Snipes will play an integral role in the movie, although we won’t say exactly what, that would be too spoilerish.

His character will be called ‘Surgeon’, a reference to his ability to target enemies with pinpoint accuracy.  This eye for detail includes a knife fetish and ability to use knives as weapons exceptionally.  Among other things such as mistrust, Lee Christmas (Jason Statham) doesn’t find the fact that there is a new ‘knife king’ on the scene too appealing.  An unease between the two develops.

But they don’t fight.

So that’s probably all we should reveal about Wesley’s role for now.  I will say though that personally, I’m excited to say the least to see Snipes in this, probably my most anticipated Snipes movie since the 1990’s.  He’s given proper treatment and screen time here, it’s a big role and we will see him kick ass.  One last thing though, unless they ad-libbed on the final day, there are no ‘Blade’ references, with the knives and whatnot.  Which is good, the last movie was too self aware.

Stay tuned…