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John McTiernan Hearing This Week

We haven’t forgotten John McTiernan at ManlyMovie, the artistic genius is still under incarceration in a federal gulag.  But the people who run the Free John McTiernan Facebook page are on another level.  They keep up to speed with what’s happening with ‘Big Mac’ regularly.  They even have the support of John’s wife Gail.  Here’s her latest update:

His spirits were pretty good and he told me of scripts he’s been sent and reading. It’s really quite funny when he starts describing some actions scenes. His arms are here, and there…and he’s telling quite an animated story. Probably scares some children. Just kidding. There’s actually someone from the local community college who volunteers at the prison and is teaching a film class. They are showing The Hunt for Red October, and John agreed to go and talk about the making of the film.

He’s ready to get back to work which we hope is sooner rather than later and it seems the same sentiment is shared by those wishing to have McT helm their project. The oral arguments for the appeal are to be heard on January 16 and I hope a decision made quickly and he be released. So all good thoughts, prayers, lit candles….are greatly appreciated. We simply ask that justice be done and the truth finally come forth.

John should be released around April.  The Free John McTiernan page has 9,888 likes.  Let’s try and nudge it up to and beyond 10,000!  So if you haven’t already, head over to the Facebook page by clicking here and show some support.