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Michael Jai White In Fast 7? + Tony Jaa is Johnny Tran’s Brother?

We are all aware that the Fast & Furious 7 (2015) cast and ensemble is going to be huge, featuring Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, The Rock, Kurt Russell and so on.  But something I must have missed is an alleged addition of Michael Jai White.

Yesterday the IMDb updated the cast list, adding names to new characters.  Michael Jai White has now appeared on the cast as Dorian Bilkins.  Is Michael Jai White in the movie?  The rumour is apparently supported by this old joblo article.  Should point out though, White is currently filming Skin Trade, or very close to doing so.  And he was never pictured on the Fast 7 set.

Another interesting update.  Tony Jaa’s character is now listed as ‘Louie Tran’.  Long term Fast fans will remember one of the main villains in the original movie was Johnny Tran.  So is Jaa his brother perhaps?  Out for some revenge?  Take it all with a grain of salt though.  Anyone with an IMDb Pro account can update these things, although I’m not too sure on how strict they are with those things.