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Michael Jai White Joins Facebook

Manly Man Michael Jai White has joined Facebook.  Normally not worth mentioning the Facebook pages of actors, but Michael Jai White is one cool guy and very interesting and since he’s trying to get his off the ground, you can go ahead and keep up to date with him by clicking here.  First message has been posted.

Hi everyone, my first official facebook post. Thanks for your support and friendship. We are going to have some fun together. Best Wishes MJW

Now when an actor’s Facebook page appears anew, people usually question the veracity of it.  Facebook like Twitter uses the little ‘verified’ symbol.  MJW’s page doesn’t have that, but we can confirm that it is his account.  Although whether it’s actually him who manages it is another issue.  Some actors never become ‘verified’, Thomas Jane being another example.

Upcoming projects for Michael Jai White are Skin Trade (2014) and… allegedly but unconfirmed, a role in Fast & Furious 7 (2015).