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Paul Walker’s Fast & Furious Exit: ‘No Decision Made’

Some reports surfaced recently that Paul Walker’s character Brian O’Conner would be ‘retired’ gracefully from the series.  That seemed like the logical thing to do and probably would’ve courted no serious controversy.  Writer Chris Morgan though disputes such reports, and who would know better than him? “I saw that and I wasn’t quite sure where that was coming from,” Morgan said in reference to the report that a decision on how to move ahead had been made. “There’s nothing set in stone at all. Those are the conversations we’re just now having. Nothing’s decided. Everything is still open and on the table.”

Sounds odd, would they really kill him off (if that’s what they’re planning)?  I like the suggestion by Ramses to have the O’Conner character killed in style.  Just as his FBI superior warned him of in the original movie.  It would also sit better with the movie taking a ‘darker’ direction, something severely needed since Lin’s escalating goofiness.