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Robert Downey Jr. Wants Mel Gibson To Appear In The Avengers

Here’s some big news, fellow Gibsonites (and if you’re not a Gibsonite, get off this site), long term Mel friend Robert Downey Jr. wants Mel to appear in a blockbusting Marvel movie.  Specifically an Avengers movie.  “He wants to bring Mel and Jodie into the Marvel universe, preferably in one of the Avengers films“, a source tells  They added that he also wants Jodie Foster (Gibsonite) in the mix as well: “It’s been a long-time dream of Robert’s to help Mel and Jodie reach similar big box office heights like the ones he’s achieved in recent years.”

It’s 75% not going to happen, the additional comment of “Marvel is run by one of the richest and most prominent Israeli businessmen in Hollywood, and you can be sure even if Robert got down on his knees and begged, there’s no place for Mel in the Marvel films.” is not entirely inaccurate.  But even though ManlyMovie thinks little of The Avengers and deemed it worst action movie of the decade… boy, how good would it be to get Mel in one of those money-spinners.  A tactical move of course, to getting him back on track proper.

At the very least though, respect for RDJ goes up, again.