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Sabotage (2014) Release Date Brought Forward to March 28th

We have an update on Sabotage (2014) starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sam Worthington.  The original release date, April 11th, has now been replaced and the movie has been moved to March 28th.  Open Road Films moved ‘A Haunted House 2’ into the former spot.

Sabotage, previously called ‘Ten’ and ‘Breacher’, is about a  “team of Drug Enforcement Administration operatives, led by John Wharton (a.k.a “Breacher”) is sent to bust the safe house of a drug cartel, although the main and actual motive is to pocket millions of dollars worth of loot. With the money safely hidden, the squad thinks that their secret is safe – until a mysterious assassin starts assassinating the team members one by one.”

A while back, ManlyMovie reviewed the screenplay for the movie (David Ayer draft) and you can read that here if you missed it.   Thanks to Sean at Mammoth Press for the update and picture.