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Sam Neill Comes Out To Bat For John McTiernan

Another update on John McTiernan today, via the Free John McTiernan Facebook Page, they’ve found an interview with Sam Neill who starred in supremely Manly Movie The Hunt For Red October (1990), directed by demi-God McTiernan.

In a retrospective interview given to “Ain’t It Cool News”, one of the most read entertainment websites, legendary actor Sam Neill (The Hunt for Red October, The Piano, Jurassic Park, In the Mouth of Madness) talks about John McTiernan’s affair and calls it “disturbing”, “completely disproportionate” and “ridiculous”. Thank you for the support Sam !

Thanks indeed and right on the money.  As it happens, he’s not the only Red October man to stand up for ‘Big Mac’ (the name McTiernan’s fellow inmates, who love him, have given him).  Alec Baldwin has ranted at least a few times on this outrage.  So Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis, how about it?  When are you going to open your mouths about John McTiernan’s situation?  Especially you, Bruno.  You were a nobody before McTiernan put you on the map.

Anyway, let’s hope McTiernan gets a helluva comeback.  Word is he’s working on an action/thriller involving fire fighters.  Sounds good.  Hell, anything directed by McTiernan is worthy of obsession.