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Stallone And Expendables Movies Done With Bulgaria?

We’ve all been vocal and concerned about Avi Lerner and Sylvester Stallone’s decision to go to Bulgaria several times now and shoot the last two Expendables movies there.  Although Bulgaria has plenty of breathtaking features, it’s a cost cutting measure and it shows on screen.  For whatever reason, old school action movies just work better when done in the USA, even if it’s only a placebo effect.

Well we have a positive update today to throw up on this.  We’re going to quote two Bulgarian sources who say Stallone is done with Nu Boyana shoots (in Bulgaria) and will not be returning there.  24chasa says that “Sly praises Bulgarians and says they are professionals.  However, he announced that his next movie will be shot in America because our conditions are not favorable”.  An interesting question is, what is that next movie?  Svejo confirms the same but goes one further and says that that next movie is The Expendables 4:  “Unfortunately, the next part of The Expendables will probably not film in Bulgaria.  Although Stallone praises Nu Boyana, he says conditions here are no longer favorable.”

Incidentally here was our last update on The Expendables 4, which Avi Lerner hopes to have filming this year:

Here’s the interesting part.  Lerner says that The Expendables 4 will begin shooting next year, or at least ‘maybe’.  “Next year we’re maybe filming The Expendables 4.  “The action will be set in Cuba, but only if Fidel Castro is still alive, otherwise the story will change.”  So it looks like The Expendables, or at least somebody, are going after Castro.  Now that’s old school. Incidentally, today The Expendables 4 first appeared on the IMDb, the first person on the cast list (rumored) is Randy Couture.

So what do you think?  Happy that The Expendables is leaving Bulgaria?  Let us know.